Romans 8:2 (AMP) “..the law of the Spirit of Life which is in Christ Jesus, the law of my new being, has freed me from the law of sin and death.”

Life of an addict: 2 hurt is my purpose I’m blinded by pleasure, I’m constantly searchin…. The flick of a Bic lighter gives a flash of satisfaction but when I don’t have one I use matches; same cycle round and round we go; let’s go again I aint learned yet I don’t care I feel worthless; I’m adddicted at it again this siccness gots me wishing I never existed; I’m a patient I’m a physician patiently waitin 4 my prescription; another blast from this rig, pipe, drank, line, pill, or syringe; it’s all the same thang…..LIFE OF AN ADDICT…..